Audi A1 Remains a Secret


AudiA1wallart Audi A1 Remains a Secret

Audi A1 Wall Art

Although we saw a few Audi A1 spy shots back in October, we haven’t heard much about the upcoming A1 subcompact since then. Audi just came out saying something along the lines of “we’re not telling you anything about the A1 yet.” How nice of them.

Early next year though, we’ll be getting all the details on the A1 when Audi reveals it in its online premiere, then will show it at the 2010 Geneva Motors Show in March. In the mean time, Audi informed us that they will be giving us a “look through the keyhole” in the coming weeks, so expect to see more of the A1 little by little.

For more material on the A1, check out Audi’s A1 Facebook page and their A1 minisite.

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